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Ms. Susanna Chua

Featured on Channel U TV programme "Crack the Code" - 补习达人 (Mar 01, 2012). Topped her school in Sec 4 Mathematics, the same school and cohort with top PSLE scorer of 287. NUS BSc (Pure Maths & Comp Sc) with 16 years of teaching experience, Ms Chua is a full-time Maths Coach for Maths Olympiad (NMOS, RIPWMC, SMOPS, SMOJ, SMOS), PSLE Maths, AE Maths and IP Maths (Year1 to Year4 for 6 years IP; Year1 to Year2 for 4 years IP). Her students, include RI Sec3 and NYGH Sec4 topped their class and semestral tests resp. Students staying as far as Pioneer and Bukit Timah attend her maths group tutorial at Punggol. Contact 8282 3772.

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